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Save Environment Initiative (SEI) is a 2020-founded NGO committed to both environmental conservation and social integration. Our focus lies in collaborating with local youth to advocate sustainable practices encompassing income generation, soil conservation, water harvesting, and overall community prosperity. Through our endeavors, we underscore the pivotal role of environmental conservation in fostering a thriving society.

SEI appears to be focused on addressing Rwanda's climate change and environmental pollution through training, awareness, and education. This approach can play a vital role in promoting environmental protection and building resilience to climate change.


SEI envisions a future where the unwavering commitment of today's youth catalyzes transformative change, ensuring a better, healthier, and more sustainable world for generations to come.


Our mission is to empower and engage youth in relentless advocacy for environmental conservation, leaving no one behind. We stand for climate justice, striving to ensure a sustainable future for all.


1. Afforestation Initiative: Our organization is committed to the ambitious target of planting three million trees by 2030.

2. Youth Engagement and Climate Resilience: We are dedicated to fostering collaboration between the youth and diverse climate-related initiatives.

3. Empowerment for Climate Action: Our focus extends to equipping the upcoming generation with essential skills for addressing climate change and restoring ecosystems.

4. Championing Environmental Safety and Sustainability and Environmental Advocacy via Youth Awareness.

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